Terra at Moh Guan

Singapore Good Design 2022

Category: Interior Design

I-DEA 2023 | Bronze

Category: Best Residential Design | Apartment 1001 - 2000sqf

The residents of the flat are a couple charmed by the unique vibes of the surrounding neighbourhoods and history of the heritage homes. So the main idea was to give the 72 year old flat an update but keep its vintage appeal intact. As we renewed the unit for modern- day living, most of the original features were preserved, refurbished, and repurposed. We accomplished this by retaining original design elements when suitable. Other than the kitchen and bath, room layouts were also kept the same.

We constructed a custom dining table as the centrepiece of the dining area which rests between the living room and kitchen. The support for the table was first erected using bricks, then the sides of the support were carved away to create a raw, exposed look. This also serves as a visual representation of the homeowner’s belief that not everything at home have to be clean-cut and that there is beauty in imperfection.

The occupant elected to have their home office right beside the row of windows so that it doubles as a chill-out space after work hours. With a wide, unobstructed view of the surrounding greeneries, the ambience is great both during the day and at night. The workbench top is made of suar wood and the tiles embedded in the supports were repurposed from the bedroom’s original floor. During the renovation, we salvaged some of the mosaic pieces and installed them here to give the workbench more story and character.