Authors | 作家 /zuòjiā/

Embraces a narrative-driven approach to communicate ideas. Intertwining design concepts to craft a unique story.

Appreciating different design expressions, collaborative creativity and imperfections to introduce a level of authenticity and intricacy, enriching the overall aesthetic and adding depth to the visual narrative.


Through an open exchange of ideas, we cultivate a creative process that goes beyond mere end results, instead, weaving together scenes, characters, purposes, and ambiances forming a rich tapestry.

With a focus on storytelling through design, we create immersive, meaningful environments that inspire and leave a lasting impression, celebrating the uniqueness of each space.


Curvalore | 幻禹

Place: Singapore, Northshore Drive

Size: 113sqm

Year: 2023

A Forever Retreat | Unlocking the Elegance of Tranquil Living

In the heart of a bustling city, where chaos and commotion reign, there exists a haven of serenity and timeless elegance. A residence where the essence of “forever home” meets the pragmatic demands of modern living, where the harmony of Curves, Calm, and Character is artfully woven into every design element. This home blends everyday practicality with unmatched aesthetics.

Unveiling a monochromatic palette that is as soothing as it is mesmerizing, the interior is an ode to subtlety and sophistication. Cheekily termed “fifty shades of cream”. The diverse textures and tonal variations infuse the home with warmth, punctuated by carefully chosen pops of color that bring forth the homeowner’s unique personality.

An effortless blend of Individualism and tranquility, every corner of this dwelling is conceived with the vision of effortlessly uniting individual expression with a universal sense of peace and tranquility. It transforms the entire house into a sanctuary, fostering mindful connections between its homeowners.

Stepping into this abode, you’re greeted by a curvaceous foyer. A playful touch of iridescence glass invites you to venture deeper into the space. A gently carved stucco wall behind the foyer creates an elegant dining area. Here, the space is maximized, allowing for a six-seater round dining table that perfectly complements the curved booth seating.

Breaking down the walls between the living room and the kitchen, a transformation takes place. The open kitchen concept is born, offering seamless connectivity with a peninsular adding counter space. Rounded tiles enhance the flow, and with a standout circular pedestal sink serving as both function and form. Patterned subway tile backsplashes hint at playfulness, ensuring continuity of the overarching curvilinear theme.

The living room boasts a captivating series of arches that create an organic, flowing feel, softening the space. These arches serve a utilitarian purpose, integrating a TV feature with display shelving and a hidden pocket door. A curved display shelf carves a cozy nook, creating symmetrical framing with the bar table.
The master suite, born from the connection of two bedrooms, caters to diverse needs. A circular iridescence glass frames the walk-in wardrobe, casting whimsical light throughout. A deep blue tone distinguishes the wardrobes and desk, creating a calm retreat. The en-suite bathroom features a double sink vanity with cream-white tiles mixed with iridescence tiles, a playful yet tranquil touch.

Harmony in Softness and Technology

Throughout the home, soft corners and edges, punctuated by splashes of color, capture the client’s identity. The 3Cs – Curves, Calm, and Character – have been masterfully woven together.

Smart lighting illuminates, emphasizing curves and moods. This abode stands as a timeless sanctuary – a testament to relaxation that aligns seamlessly with the owner’s needs. Every nook and corner marries personal flair with tranquility, and while playful in its aesthetic, this home isn’t just a dwelling; it’s an experience, harmonizing the playful with the purposeful. There’s a clear emphasis on function and technology, with every space meticulously crafted.