Oliver at Bedok

I-DEA 2023 | Silver

Category: Best Residential Design | Apartment 1001 - 2000sqf

The homeowners, who are plant enthusiasts, wanted to design their first home in a way that reflected their shared interests. They prioritized creating ample space for their current and future plant collection, as well as having an open and naturally-lit area for their plants to thrive.

To meet these needs, the layout of the house was adjusted to cater to their lifestyle. A balcony was carved out in the living room by elevating the flooring with curved edges on the wall to frame the area. A full-height organic niche shelving was added to house the plants, creating a biophilic design. Additionally, custom indoor grow lights were installed to aid in taking care of the plants. By creating the balcony, other practical spaces, such as the botanical studio, were maximized. The homeowners use this studio to research specific care requirements for their plants and experiment with propagation techniques to grow their collection.
To incorporate natural and organic elements into the living area, a carved-out study nook was added, which also serves as additional storage space. This design feature was inspired by the trunk of a tree, creating a unique and nature-inspired detail. Drawing inspiration from nature, a curved partition was employed in the bedroom to maintain a cohesive design scheme and create a division between the wardrobe and sleeping quarters. By keeping decor to a minimum and using a neutral color palette overall, it allows the plants to take centre stage, which added color, texture, and a sense of tranquillity to the space. Through the incorporation of biophilic design principles, the homeowners’ hobbies and way of living were reflected in the form of a stunning and practical garden space.