Luna at Bedok

Singapore Good Design 2022

Category: Interior Design

I-DEA 2023 | Highly Commended

Category: Best Residential Design | Apartment 1001 - 2000sqf

When the client was shopping for a flat, she explored possibilities of all sorts till a unit on the top floor caught her eye. Thanks to the high level and unblocked surroundings, the unit comes with plenty of natural light and pleasant cross ventilation. Given the unit’s well-worn condition, we were commissioned to reimagine and recreate a space attuned to the homeowner’s eclectic and laid-back take on design.

The most significant transformation occurred at the balcony area. The separation wall with the living room was demolished and replaced with pivoted rattan panels, the entire row of windows at the balcony was also removed for the full ventilation of light and wind into the apartment. This established a seamless flow from the living room to the outside through the balcony, with the rattan panels creating an interesting visual interest and a more transitional barrier when needed.

The diverse range of colours used in the different areas of the house mirrors the multiple facets of the homeowner. We seek to reach an equilibrium by striking a balance between each sections. The living and balcony area is soft and chic, in contrast to the distinctively masculine and intimate dining and kitchen area. Expanding on the chic and resort-like ambience into the master bedroom, a tropical pattern wallpaper was picked against a nook with full arch. Across the room, rattan doors framed with wood add texture and warmth to the huge wardrobes, whereas the arch top exudes a sense of sophistication and delivers ample storage space.