Bow at Petit Jervois

I-DEA 2023 | Bronze

Category: Best Residential Design | Apartment 1001 - 2000sqf

The homeowner has a deep appreciation for fine furniture design, valuing the aesthetics, craftsmanship, and artistry that goes into creating beautiful and functional furniture pieces. This appreciation for design is reflected in the homeowner’s prioritization of elegant lines, sophisticated finishes, and premium materials in the space. The homeowner’s attention to detail and appreciation for intricacies in design led to a balance in materials, shapes, and colours that catered to their lifestyle.

To create a visually stimulating space that complements the fine furniture pieces, a lot of effort was put into curating the right materials with the right patterns and forms. The living area features a quartzite feature wall with beautifully formed organic lines that creates a maximalism design. Custom steel inlays and wood textures were incorporated to add depth and interest. The feature wall also serves a practical purpose, as a bar area was incorporated next to it to house the homeowner’s collection of wines and whiskeys, with matching fine furniture pieces from Fritz Hansen and Tom Dixon.

In the study room, a floor-to-ceiling display shelf with a marble backing was added, creating a dramatic and grand element that plays with scale and textures. This design feature follows the principles of maximalism and serves as additional storage space. Overall, the incorporation of maximalism design principles reflects the homeowner’s appreciation for sophisticated finishes and creates a stunning, bold, unique, and visually stimulating space.