Agnes at Bidadari

SIDA 2022 | Honorary Award

Category: Best in Residential Design Floor Area 51 - 100sqm

I-DEA 2023 | Bronze

Category: Best Residential Design | Apartment 1001 - 2000sqf

The newly-wed couple of this flat has always wanted a home that reflects their own personalities. Taking into consideration of their two different lifestyles, Agnes was designed not just to fit in with the homeowners’ current habits, but also catering for future growth.

One of the common bedrooms was knocked down to open up the area for additional communal space. This allows a huge table to fit into the area which serves as a dining space during the hosts’ gatherings. Other times, it doubles up as a shared working desk where the couple can work on their artistic projects.

In addition, curved detailing was added to the corridor corner which forms an unique open canvas to showcase the homeowners’ artwork and collection. The rounded features on the wall, door or even the furniture provide a soft human quality to the interior; they are not just pleasing to view but adds to the gentleness of the interior ambience.

Agnes’ design concept is centered around nature, with earthy tones and woody patterns for the cabinets. The use of natural colors like green and stone-like finishes for tiles create a smooth cohesiveness throughout the entire space. To further accentuate the curvature around the spaces, the wall was painted in textured paint to add an additional layer of element of touch to the design aesthetics. Ultimately, all these elements are carefully molded together to create a harmonious visual and sensory design.